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Aloe Vera Deluxe - SALE

Aloe Vera Deluxe - SALE

Regular price 50,000 L
Regular price 50,000 L
Sale price 50,000 L

The "Aloe Vera Deluxe" mattress is designed to offer you maximum comfort and orthopedic support. At the heart of this mattress is the Vital-Rest block - a high-quality polyurethane foam that provides exceptional comfort while also having orthopedic benefits during sleep.

What distinguishes the "Aloe Vera Deluxe" mattress is its system of division into zones. The mattress is divided into 3 comfort zones : neck, spine and legs. Each area has been carefully designed to provide targeted support where you need it most . Next to the Vital-Rest layer, inside it we find a "Soft Memory Aloe Vera" layer . To further enhance your sleeping experience, the Aloe Vera Deluxe mattress is wrapped in a stretch fabric. This unique material makes the mattress antibacterial and anti-allergenic.

Say goodbye to allergens and sleep without worry, knowing your mattress is working to keep you healthy and protected.

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